Das Do It Yourself Labor


As a part of a fast growing worldwide movement of DIY labs (Do it yourself lab, #DIYbio) we will run a citizen science laboratory. Embedded in an international network we enhance research and progress to the benefit of people and environment. The worldwide movement is 'reinventing discovery' (Michael Nielsen). Science should be trendy and make fun, a motivation especially for younger people to study STEM sciences. As Stewart Brand says: Science is the only news. We try to establish a 3 D printing equipment to establish quick wins in 'hands on progress'.

what is our vision?

  • connecting people & #tags within the DIYbio-network
  • biohacking in general
  • research on 3 D tissue engineering to:
    • create stabile 3 D tissues
    • avoid tissue rejection
    • enable transparency and avoid (ethical) corruption in organ donation

Last not least: We save the world from the nucleic bomb.